Instant Media – Constant Challenge: BNK's E4M Column

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Instant Media – Constant Challenge

It is just not enough to use the modern communication tools for spreading messages. It is much more important to keep an eye on what others do with those tools since negative postings get picked up and spread faster than forest fire, writes B N Kumar, Executive Director of Concept PR & National President, PRCI.

Anybody with a smart phone in hand is a potential journalist. While journalists do post development related to the news, other smart phone holders post what they see, hear and experience. For a smart (pun intended) phone holder it does  not require even 140 characters to post something nasty like “JJ Flyover sucks” and the message goes viral in no time. Negative postings get picked up and spread faster than forest fire. No one viralises posts like “I love India”. Sad but true, trolls get noticed.

Read the thought provoking column here:


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