PRCI launches Swachh Bharat Survey

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

BENGALURU, February 8, 2017: As a prelude to the forthcoming 11th Global Communication Conclave with theme as ‘Disruption’, Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) has embarked on a nationwide survey on the efficacy of the Swachh Bharat campaign.
Swachh Bharat ought to have created a positive disruption and through the survey we plan to find out the effectiveness of the massive communication programme,” said PRCI national president B N Kumar.
In Mumbai, the survey is being conducted in association with The Press Club
Powered by Concept PR, The survey will be completed in the next ten days and a comprehensive report will be presented, along with interesting anecdotes, during the three-day Conclave to be held in Bengaluru from March 3.
“The campaign touches all of us at every step of lives and we will know the level of awareness and people’s involvement,” said M B Jayaram, Chief Mentor and Chairman Emeritus of PRCI.
During the survey, PRCI volunteers will ask simple questions on Swachh Bharat and check in their localities whether people in general and the authorities that are responsible for cleanliness are making efforts or not. PRCI hopes that the survey will also help in reminding people of the need to maintain cleanliness for good health.
“We will have young communicator volunteers going around in their respective localities, asking questions,” said Geetha Shankar, Chairperson of Young Communicators’ Club (YCC) – the youth wing of PRCI.

PRCI is mobilizing 500 volunteers to ask questions.


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