11th Conclave - A Rewarding Experience

Thursday, 9 March 2017

  • PR veteran BK Sahu is all praise for 11th Global Communication Conclave

Dear esteemed Ms./ Mr. Jayaram/ R. T. Kumar/ B. N. Kumar/ Geetha Shankar:

I left Bangalore with a rewarding experience. The 3 day International Conference impacted multi-dimensional audience remarkably. Some sessions of PRCI are magnificent. Some speakers are of high order. From the points of view of standardization, professionalization and updating of public relations principles and practice and from the standpoint of chartered responsibility of Public
Disruption & Startups: A panel discussion in progress at the Conclave
Relations Council/ Society/ Association some topics and some speakers need to be more focused in order to attract public relations practitioners and CEOs of their organisations for the higher membership drive and greater sponsorship venture and for more quantitative and qualitative participation from private and public sectors including central and state governments.

Our soul-searching objective assessment of the conference including the selection of speakers and topics is need of the hour looking into the vibrant survival and dynamic future of PRCI. We should be totally relevant to the present and the future.

The 3rd day YCC Conference is superb. Its theme, venue, speakers, infrastructure and management are excellent.

I am overwhelmed with the qualities of our leaders and pillars of strength of Governing Council and The National Executive.

Dear veterans, in this context we should remember the words of Sir Winston Churchill: 'The
Disruption & Mentoring: Under-30 Vs Veterans discussion
pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity; but the optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.'

Undoubtedly, the conference as a whole with its grand location, good hotel, sound theme, veteran speakers, excellent backdrop, useful magazines and booklets, efficient programme arrangement, attractive anchoring, delicious lunch, dinner and snacks, beautiful organising ability of award ceremony with committed announcement and ceaseless monitoring of the people at the helm of affairs and top-seeded coordination is exemplary.

 Above all, Chairman & Chief Mentor without seizing the chair on the stage is administering and controlling the throne admirably.

Dedication par excellence.

B K Sahu
Forgive me if I am irrelevant.
Our hats off to you all.

B. K. Sahu


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