World Communicators’ Day – October 28: WCC celebrations underway

Sunday, 13 August 2017

In the beginning, there was no press release!
And, PR pioneer Ivy Lee said on October 28, 1906: Let there be a Press Release!
The press release was created following a train wreck on October 28, 1906, in Atlantic City, N.J., that left more than 50 people dead. The train was owned by Pennsylvania Railroad, one of Ivy Lee's clients.
NY Times

In fact, that also marked the beginning of formal PR and the birth of Crisis Communication.
We at Public Relations Council of India, under the aegis of World Communicators’ Council (WCC), have decided to observe October 28 as the World Communicators’ Day.
Since we have enough time, let us plan in advance for the Day and look at conducting some professional activities.
Let us not focus on mere felicitations and awards. We have several of them. In fact, the awards should be just annual – part of our Global Conclaves. Frequent awards and felicitation for no rhyme or reason devalues PR movement. As it is we enjoy a bad reputation of popularising the pink shirt phenomenon.
Now to the activities for October 28. Since it is a Saturday and if it creates any issues of not being a working day, let us plan the celebration a day in advance – and not a week later.
Let Oct 28 be sacrosanct.
What we can do?
Since the day marks the issuance of the world’s first press release, we can plan a Media Relations workshop for the younger generation.
We can also plan workshops/chat shows under YCC banner.
Why not conduct a tour of young communicators to a media house?
Or a session on writing press releases?
Or skits on what the youngsters perceive of media?
We can have senor journalists coming and guiding us.
From the headquarters, we plan to do a national essay competition on few current topics and bring out a Digest. Please get as much participation as possible.

So, let’s plan in advance and get going.


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