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Monday, 16 October 2017

In its 12th year, Indian PR Forum (IPRF), has grown to become, the formidable source of news, views, events info, industry reports, industry story opportunities, contacts, updates etc., that you need on a daily basis. It helps over 30,000 communications professionals to be more smarter and updated. If you are in the PR industry and still not part of this growing community then you are definitely missing something very critical. IPRF has presence on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp Groups as well as on Quora, Twitter and Slideshare.

IPRF on Whatsapp Group is the most active and resourceful community that helps you in real-time. The response time from members is literally less than 10 minutes. We welcome you to be part of this exciting phenomenon, if you already not part of it. Jump on, it’s not just another WhatsApp Group, it is the information power house of Indian PR industry.

To Join, please Whatsapp your Name, Designation, Company, City, Email (sharing all the required info is must to join) on 9930143550 or Email:

- Vikram Kharvi


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