RedInk National Media Awards - Entries open

Tuesday, 23 January 2018


Mumbai Press Club invites entries for the prestigious National RedInkAwards for Excellence in Journalism–2018. In the 8th year now, the RedInk Awards have been instituted to promote best practices among journalists and encourage good quality writing, fair play and high ethical standards.

Entries must be submitted by February 28, 2018.

Entries in the form of articles or stories published in the print or digital medium and television stories broadcast during calendar year 2017 [Category 1-10] and photographs that had an impact [Category 11] published in the print or digital medium in 2017, are invited from journalists in the following categories:

1.Business& Economy
2.  Crime
3.  Environment
4.  Health & Wellness
5.  Human Rights
6.  Lifestyle & Entertainment
7.  Politics
8.  Science & Innovation
9.  Sports
10. Women’s Empowerment & Gender Equity*
11. The Big Picture (Photograph of the year)

Mumbai Press Club will also honour outstanding journalists in the following categories:

12.  ‘The Journalist of the Year’ Award will be for a body of work (in any of the streams– print, digital or TV) in calendar year 2017 that created a lasting impact.

13.  “Mumbai Star Reporter” Outstanding reporter working within Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) in any streams– print, digital or TV in calendar year 2017 whose story created a lasting impact.

14.  Lifetime Achievement Award’ is for a senior journalist who has contributed substantially, in the period of his/her career, to the growth and strengthening of the profession.

* This year Mumbai Press Club is introducing a new category for writing on women empowerment and gender relations. Besides issues surrounding women struggling for an equal status and those that focus on the LGBT community, the award will also encourage putting the spotlight on the girl child and the denial of proper nourishment, education and other opportunities only because of her sex.

The awards selection for category 1-11 will be made by a special jury. For category 12-14, the Managing Committee of the Mumbai Press Club will select the award winners.

The winning entry in each category will be awarded a total cash prize of Rs. 1 Lakh, a trophy and a citation.

The broad guidelines for the contest are:
1.             A copy of the published Article (print or digital) or broadcast story needs to be sent along with the entry form.
2.             Individual entries must be accompanied by an entry form that can be downloaded giving details of the journalist and accompanied by a recent photograph.
3.             Entries should have been published / broadcast in Calendar Year 2017.
4.             The various award categories should be studied carefully, and applications marked specifically for the category they fit into.
5.             An applicant is allowed a maximum of 3 entries across all categories.
6.             Entries will need to be authenticated (supported/recommended) by the Editors/Media Heads of respective media platforms.
7.             It will be helpful for judges if entries not in English, Hindi and Marathi are accompanied by an English translation. 
8.             Entries must have been published in registered print publications like newspapers or magazines or web-based publications / television networks; Writings on blogs however are not eligible for entry. 
9.             Entries of published articles must be accompanied with a scanned copy (print medium) or print out (digital medium).
10.         Entries in the various television categories must be sent with a story link. Television entries must carry a brief text on the story and its impact.
11.         Entries must be mailed not later thanFebruary 28, 2018 with a subject ‘Category Name’ for example: Sports – Print or Sports - Television.
12.         Entries can also be sent via post and should have RedInkAwards-2018’ followed by the category name mentioned in bold and addressed to: The Secretary, Mumbai Press Club, Glass House, Azad Maidan, MahapalikaMarg, Mumbai–400001.
13.         A distinguished panel of judges, appointed by the Mumbai Press Club, will decide the winners.
14.         The decisions made by the Judges and the Mumbai Press Club will be final.
15.         If a multi-bylined article wins the Award, all the contributors will share the prize money.
16.         Winners who are not residents of Mumbai will be provided travel to and fro and accommodation for the Awards Ceremony.
17.         No claim shall be entertained in case the winner fails to collect the prize at the award ceremony.
18.         Please read the terms & conditions before entering the contest.

The Mumbai Press Club urges Editors/Media Heads to share this Awards information with their teams. Editors and Media Heads are also requested to nominate outstanding stories/articles for consideration under each category.

We thank you for your time and interest and look forward to your continued participation with the RedInk Awards. For details, updates and information on the Awards, visit

For further details contact: Mrityunjay Bose –9892541019or Rajesh Mascarenhas – 9594088999 or Gurbir Singh 9820229950.

Thanks & regards,

Dharmendra Jore
Mumbai Press Club


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