Re-branded FB page ‘Boom City Doom City’ to focus on community message

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Rebranded FB page ‘Boom City Doom City’ to focus on community message

Destruction of hills of Navi Mumbai can be seen
from a distance of at least 5 KM.
MUMBAI, May 9, 2018: Aiming to maintain a sustained campaign, a group of social communication experts have rebranded their Facebook page ‘Save Nature Save City’  as Boom City Doom City.
This part of the #BoomCityDoomCity drive launched on the Earth Day.
 “Mumbai and its surroundings will face a terrible environmental disaster if the all round wanton destruction continues,” said Nandakumar Pawar, director of NGO Shri Ekavira Aai Pratishthan (SEAP), speaking at the seminar powered by communication professionals’ body Public relations Council of India (PRCI).
The Parsik Hill range in Navi Mumbai has already suffered an irreparable damage due to reckless quarrying with some hills facing the danger of extinction. The forest quarrying has been stopped department is on record complaining against massive violation of quarrying norms by unscrupulous operators in CIDCO area of Navi Mumbai. As much as 264.1 hectares has been mined against the permissible area of 138.07 hectares, the deputy conservator of forests, Thane, said during a recent meeting of te district level environment assessment authority.
The Authority has ordered a joint study by forest department and CIDCO while according a conditional clearance to private company for mining the hills in two hectares at Borivali village in Navi Mumbai even as a group of residents protested against quarrying of Parsik Hills in another area, Kharghar.
 “We are aware that stone chips are needed for infrastructure. We are not against development, but our concern is it should not happen at the cost environment damage,” said B N Kumar, Chairman of governing council of PRCI said.
Turning to the island City’s mangrove crisis, he said the authorities ought to have planted over 93,000 saplings over 21 acres in Manori. Sadly, just about 20% of these barely survived. At Charkop, the situation is even worse. Of the 86,400 saplings hardly 5% survived.
Pawar claimed that the authorities manage to get reprieve at courts by saying that they will replant to make up for the mangroves destroyed due infrastructure development. In reality, they manage to mislead the judiciary as mangroves are supposed to grow naturally and they are not replanted.
“I am a fisherman by birth and I know the importance of mangroves,” he said and remarked: “Sadly these officers are either unaware of the basic facts or deliberately ignore the environmental care,” he remarked. Mangroves survive only in mudflaps and where there are ideal conditions to grow and not in rocky area. “This is commonsense,” he remarked.
These and all other environmental issues confronting our cities will be tackled comprehensively through our rebranded page: Boom City – Doom City, said Kumar.
“We will also deal with urbanization that is impacting the environment across the country, and even the world,” he added.


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