Breaking News from Mumbai Press Club! Campaign fever hots up, elections on July 31

Sunday, 29 July 2018

It's Gurbir Singh Vs Bharat Kumar Raut

 Like in the general elections, Progress and Inclusive Development are in focus at Mumbai Press Club biennial elections as battle lines are drawn between two panels headed by veteran journalists Gurbir Singh (Progressive Democratic Alliance) and Bharat Kumar Raut (Journalists United).

The poll will take place at the Club premises on Tuesday, July 31 and the campaign has reached its feverish pitch as candidates from both the camps using social media and physical contacts to woo the voters.

Jatin Desai is the Returning Officer and Haaris R. Shaikh, the Deputy Returning Officer.

Here are the panels vying for control of the premier journalists’ organization.


PRapport presents claims and promises of both the sides for judgment by the media fraternity:

Journalists United
The elections are upon us again, and we have to make the correct choice to secure our club’s future. From a dump in the late 1990s with barely 200 members, we are today a force to reckon with over 2,000 members. The crucial link for this progress has been a group of dedicated journalists that include Gurbir Singh, Rajesh Mascarenhas, Kumar Ketkar and many others.

Some of the key milestones in the Mumbai Press Club’s march have been:

Successful Housing Scheme that created ‘Press Enclave’ for 250 journalist families at Pratiksha Nagar in 2010 after 7 years of dedicate

New, renovated Press Club building inaugurated in 2007 with Media Centre, modern dining hall and terrace sit-out.

The RedInk Awards which have grown over 8 years to become the biggest professional recognition for journalistic writing in the country, and have earned a surplus for the club every year.

Standing up for journalists rights as in cases like the Charu Deshpande Case and reaching a Rs 30 lakh settlement with the Tata Group for the attack on photographers at Bombay House.

However, most of us might have observed that there has been a slowdown in work there are serious shortcomings which have not been addressed by the existing Managing Committee over the last 2 years:

The deteriorating quality of food services has impacted revenues and usage negatively.

The Building Construction plan which has all BMC permissions has not moved forward.

Lack of discussion and debate on media and industry is a matter of concern.

We hope to address these and other important issues if you repose your confidence in us:

A clean and hygienic Press Club with a wide choice of food and beverages.

To ensure quick progress on the construction of a new Press Club Building.

Free wi-fi facilities for all journalists and improved media centre.

Make the Press Club a ‘Knowledge Centre’ for media debate.

Ensuring the safety and security of our members.

Over the years you have reposed your faith in our team with an overwhelming majority to help the Press Club become an organisation that all of us can be proud of. Some highlights:

Conduct of health camps that benefited over 500 members.
Signing the club's lease agreement which had been pending for the last 25 years.
Organising debates on several burning issues
More women becoming part of club’s activities thanks to the various women’s issues being taken up
Providing hassle-free work environment in the media room with high-speed broadband connectivity and setting up of professional service and maintenance facilities for photo-journalists.
Providing top-line entertainment. For instance, Indian Premier League cricket and World Cup football was broadcast live on high-definition screens.
Patenting the Redink Awards, which is amongst the most credible media awards in the country

We still have miles to go. Once again we seek your support in this journey. Please, vote for Journalist United because we are:


We have plans to introduce regional and international fellowships for our members.
Increase participation of women media professionals by having dedicated activities for them.
We intend to bring more space/land for the club


We intend to tie up with various private hospitals in Mumbai to bring affordable health care for members and their families;
Special health packages for members above 60 years and women members and their mothers. 


We are keen on rationalising food and liquor charges;
Improve the food menu;
Provide dedicated studio-like set up for TV journalists


We propose to have ‘Happy Hours’ for women members;
Celebrate the golden jubilee of the club in a grand manner;
Organise various annual sports tournaments

Watch this space for results on July 31.


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