No going back to paper ballot; EVMs are here to stay, asserts CEC Sunil Arora

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  • EC To focus on low voter turnout areas

JAIPUR:  Asserting that the EVMs are here to stay, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of India Sunil Arora has ruled out the possibility of going back to paper ballot in the country’s elections.
Dr K Ramnarayan, Chancellor, MUJ, and CEC Sunil Arora
in a tete-e-tete at the Conclave
Kick-starting the two-day 13th Global Communication Conclave organized by Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) at Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) on February 15,  Arora referred to come complaints regarding malfunctioning of EVMs and said there were very few. There was not a single case of any criminal intent.
He likened the complaints against EVMs to the grouse expressed in a section in the 1960s against the Bhakra Nangal dam water that the flow was not good for agriculture as power was taken away from it due to the hydro project.
Referring to a social media campaign launched by PRCI - #StepOut2Vote – to create awareness about voting, Arora said the EC would also focus on mobilizing voters in low-turnout areas to go to the polling booths.
The election process has been flawless right from the days of the first general election and it has improved over the years, he pointed out.
The Conclave drew huge response with close to 500 delegates from across the country participating.
Various speakers dealt with the theme PR- What is the Big Idea and the unanimous conclusion was PR is a Big Idea!
Presiding over the inaugural, MUJ Chairman and Chancellor Dr K Ramnarayan said he was happy to such a major congregation at MUJ which always stood for sharing knowledge.
In his opening remarks, PRCI Chief Mentor and Chairman Emeritus M B Jayaram said the Council has come a long way from the day eminent journalist and fearless editor of Outlook magazine late Vinod Mehta had inaugurated it on March 3, 2004 at Bangalore with his truly inspiring thoughts on the importance of PR, particularly in difficult times for corporate and even politicians.
Jayaram welcoming Dr Pragnya Ram, flanked by
Himanshu Kapadia of Gracim
Apart from conducting global communication conclaves, felicitating achievers with the prestigious Chanakya awards and recognizing talent through PRCI Excellence awards, PRCI also hold knowledge forums and media seminars on issues of current interest, he said.
“Our PR Hall Fame is the only feature of its type in the profession where we induct senior professionals with excellent track record,”  Jayaram added.
Making a presentation on a host of novel projects launched by PRCI, its governing council chairman B N Kumar said the organisation has gone well beyond the pink-shirt, party-happy culture to emerge as a true communication exchange.
The unique social communication idea has caught the imagination of the media and it resulted in positive impact, be it the #SaveParsikHills or #IamMamngroveIamDying campaign which have won international awards.
Explaining the theme, Conclave Chairperson Vijay Lakshmi said: “An idea can not only can change but make a big impact on the society as such. Moreover, Communication or PR is all about ideas – ideas that work, impact our lives

Bangalore University VC Dr Venugopal, 13th Conclave
Chairperson Vijay Lakshmi and PRCI National Executive
president S Narendra concentrating on the proceedings
Asking whether communication professionals also need ideas to survive with globalization and ever rising competition, she said hackneyed or template solutions may not always work and one needs to think out of box and act on one’s toes.
Explaining the concept of PRCI Young Communicators Club, its Chairperson Geetha Shankar said YCC has established its presence in ten cities covering various mass communication institutions and universities.
“Only serious studies could be boring for the students. Hence, we consciously avoid much serious talk and have interesting contests and anecdote-based sessions sharing our experiences. Plus, the assignments and projects that we give keep them engaged. Thus we supplement and compliment the academic training that the students get in their classes,” she added.
Participating in a fireside chat with Kumar, Dr Pragnya Ram, Executive President – Corporate Communication and CSR, Aditya Birla Group, said ideas do matter in PR and one has to keep coming out with them to appeal to media.
Dr Ram said communication professionals ought to be assertive in telling their bosses as to what makes news and what not and keep reasonable expectations.
She pointed out that the mass communication institutions which are dime a dozen just churn out graduates without any substance. Some of the young communicators and journalists write appalling English and the reports get printed without any check.
Team Kerala led by T Vinay Kumar explained the initiative taken by them in meeting the crisis arising out of the Kerala flood fury. It was rather rare that PR professionals physically joined the rescue and rehabilitation, said session anchor Sanjay Rammoorthy, who is also the chairman of PRCI Mumbai chapter.
Talking about the growth of regional media, Bhuwanesh Jain, Deputy Editor of Rajasthan Patrika said Indian language newspapers have emerged as formidable platforms for communication. “That is a big idea to deal with,” he said.
Harsha Kumar Singh -
ideas do matter in TV journalism
NDTV special correspondent Harsha Kumari Singh said “in competitive TV journalism, we have to come out with innovative ways of reporting to remain ahead.” 
A panel discussion anchored by PRCI Governing Council director R T Kumar, saw interesting exchange of thoughts on “Is Social Media Humbug” by speakers Rashi Bammi,  Founder and CEO, Renaissance PR, Anindita Singh, Corpcom Head, L&T Metro, S P Paliwal, multi-faceted personality and Dr Saadullah Khan, MUJ.
Bakul Gala, vice-president of Corpcom at Wadia group, anchored a unique panel discussion on communication for agriculture.  Kamlesh Daga –Plasti Surge Industries, Sunitha Subramaniyan – TAFE and S.Narendra – ex PIO, stressed that communicators had a major role in improving the agriculture output as well as improving the lot of farmers. Media also should not neglect the sector on which over 60% of the nation depends and that contributes majorly to the GDP.
Dr Saadullah Khan of MUJ, C J Singh of Core PR Chandigarh, Dharan of PRCI Chennai took part in a session on communication education that was conducted by Geetha Shankar, YCC Chairperson. Their conclusion was that PRCI could form the channel to make education future relevant as well as industry focused.
Jitender Bhargava, Ex-Exec Director, Air India, Suman Das Sharma, Senior Partner, Ketchum Sampark, Vaishali Desai, Godrej Properties, Sandeep Agrawal, CEO, Think Energy, participated in a panel discussion on Ideas and PR. Shweta Rajpal Kohli, ex-NDTV news anchor, conducted the discussion and the panelists concluded that ideas do make PR relevant to changing social needs.
Team Kerala in panel discussion on Communication in Crisis
Veteran journalist H K Dua, MP, said in his special address that communication plays a major role in democracy, while Cyber Security expert Dr C B Sharma, IPS, said cyber criminals cannot go scot free as they can be caught even after decades. The technology that the cyber criminals use will help track them, he added.

Padharo Pink City! Snapshots of 13th Global Commn Conclave. Day 1. Feb 15, 2019

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Just click on the icon to see the slideshow of the first day proceedings of the successfully held PRCI's 13th Global Communication Conclave at Manipal University Jaipur. India

CHANAKYA Feb 2019 Flip Book

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Click on this link get your flipbook. The link has zoom and flip options. Enjoy reading.
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CEC to kick-start 13th Global Communication Conclave in Pink City on Feb 15

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·        PRCI plans power-packed knowledge sessions, awards for achievers

JAPUR, February 14, 2019: Ideas that make a big difference to communication will be in sharp focus as the Pink City of Jaipur will play host to the two-day 13th Global Communication Conclave being organized by Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) tomorrow
Chief Election Commissioner of India Sunil Arora will kick-start the deliberations with his keynote address. His address assumes significance in view of the general elections round the corner.
The event will be held at Manipal University Jaipur and a host of print, television journalists, apart from PR, corporate communication professionals and educationists will share their thoughts on the Conclave theme: PR-What is the Big Idea.
PRCI is the premier body of PR, corporate communication, marcom, HR professionals, mass communication academicians and students with 31 chapters pan-India.
“We expect over 500 professionals to converge as top notch speakers will address their thoughts,” said PRCI Chief Mentor and Chairman Emeritus M B Jayaram. PRCI over the years has emerged as a knowledge powerhouse bringing together professionals on a common platform, said Jayaram, former KPCL Executive Director.
PRCI governing council chairman B N Kumar explained that the profession evolves, we need to consider how ideas can help us better the communications tools and servicing capabilities.
UN diplomat DR Abhik Ghosh will focus on ideas for making skill development effective, while veteran journalist and parliamentarian H K Dua will talk on Democracy and Political Communication.
Dr Pragnya Ram, Aditya Birla Group Executive President – Corporate communication and CSR, will join a fireside chat on her four-decade old experience, while ‘corporate doctor’ Dr Rekha Shetty will talk about innovation in strategy.
For the first time, PRCI will emphacise on farm sector with experts talking on communication for agriculture.
The Conclave theme is about exploration of ideas for breaking through the clutter in e-merging markets. The event will also deal with issues related to social media, communication education, said S Narendra, president-national executive of PRCI, and former adviser to prime ministers.
Conclave chairperson Vijay Lakshmi said the delegates will have many takeaways at the end of the event as Team PRCI has drawn up an extensive and engrossing content.
PRCI team from Kerala will discuss the disaster management that they were associated with during the aftermath of the recent floods in the State.
Parallelly,  YCC, the youth wing of PRCI, will hold a communication students event at MUJ itself. “We have students from across the country coming and talking on the theme – Life Beyond Social Media, The Canvas is Much Larger,” said Geetha Shankar, chairperson of YCC.
The conclave will have its own fun content with selfie and social media contests.

Mumbai Press Club’s Redink Awards Season-9: Enter now

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The Mumbai Press Club invites entries for the prestigious National RedInk Awards for Excellence in Journalism–2019. In the 9th year now, the RedInk Awards have been instituted to promote best practices among journalists and encourage good quality writing, fair play and high ethical standards.
Over the years, along with the growing interest in the awards and the number of entries, the categories of awards have also grown. For instance, the category of ‘Women’s Empowerment’ was added last year. This year, a fresh category: ‘Coverage of the Arts – both Fine Arts and Performing Arts’ is being added as an additional category for recognizing excellence in journalism, says the Club in a Media Release.

Deadline: March 31, 2019

Entries in the form of articles or stories published in the print or digital medium and television stories broadcast during calendar year 2018 [Category 1-11] and photographs that had an impact [Category 12] published in the print or digital medium in 2018, are invited in the following categories of journalism:

1.      Business & Economy
2.      Crime
3.      Environment
4.      Health & Wellness
5.      Human Rights
6.      Lifestyle & Entertainment
7.      Politics
8.      Science & Innovation
9.      Sports
10.  Women’s Empowerment & Gender Equality
11.  The Arts*
12.  The Big Picture (Photograph of the year)

Mumbai Press Club will also honour outstanding journalists in the following categories:

13.  ‘The Journalist of the Year’ Award will be for a body of work (in any of the streams– print, digital or TV) in calendar year 2018 that created a lasting impact.

14.  “Mumbai Star Reporter” Outstanding reporter working within Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) in any streams– print, digital or TV in calendar year 2018 whose story created a lasting impact.

15.  Lifetime Achievement Award’ is for a senior journalist who has contributed substantially, in the period of his/her career, to the growth and strengthening of the profession.

The awards selection for category 1-12 will be made by a special jury. For category 13-15, the Managing Committee of the Mumbai Press Club will select the award winners.

 The winning entries in each category will be awarded a total cash prize of Rs. 1 Lakh, a trophy and a citation.

* ‘The Arts’ – This newly-introduced category includes journalistic coverage of two broad areas of the Arts – 1. Fine Arts or Visual Arts that are to do with creative forms such as painting, sculpture, drawing, water colours, graphics and architecture; and 2. Performing Arts that involve skills of public performance such as acting, singing or dancing. The prize money in this category will be split equally between the winners of the two streams.
BBC veteran Mark Tully (in shawl) receiving the
RedInk Award last year
The broad guidelines for the contest are:

1.      A copy of the published Article (print or digital) or broadcast story needs to be sent along with the entry form.
2.      Individual entries must be accompanied by an entry form that can be downloaded from giving details of the journalist and accompanied by a recent photograph.
3.      Entries should have been published / broadcast in Calendar Year 2018.
4.      The various award categories should be studied carefully, and applications marked specifically for the category they fit into.
5.      An applicant is allowed a maximum of 3 entries across all categories.
6.      Entries will need to be authenticated (supported/recommended) by the Editors/Media Heads of respective media platforms.
7.      It will be helpful for judges if entries not in English, Hindi and Marathi are accompanied by an English translation.
8.      Entries must have been published in registered print publications like newspapers or magazines or web-based publications / television networks; Writings on blogs however are not eligible for entry.
9.      Entries of published articles must be accompanied with a scanned copy (print medium) or print out (digital medium).
10.  Entries in the various television categories must be sent with a story link. Television entries must carry a brief text on the story and its impact.
11.  Entries must be mailed not later than March 31, 2019 to: with a subject ‘Category Name’ for example: Sports – Print or Sports - Television.
12.  Entries can also be sent via post and should have ‘RedInk Awards-2019’ followed by the category name mentioned in bold and addressed to: The Secretary, Mumbai Press Club, Glass House, Azad Maidan, MahapalikaMarg, Mumbai–400001.
13.  A distinguished panel of judges, appointed by the Mumbai Press Club for each of the categories, will decide the winners.
14.  The decisions made by the Judges and the Mumbai Press Club will be final.
15.  In the case of a multi-bylined article/bylined broadcast story winning an Award, all the authors/ contributors will share the prize money.
16.  Winners who are not residents of Mumbai will be provided travel to and fro and accommodation for the Awards Ceremony.
17.  No claim shall be entertained in case the winner fails to collect the prize at the award ceremony.
18.  Please read the terms & conditions before entering the contest.

The Mumbai Press Club urges Editors/Media Heads to share this Awards information with their teams. Editors and Media Heads are also requested to nominate outstanding stories/articles for consideration under each category.

RedInk Awards - 2019: Terms and Conditions

Mumbai Press Club (MPC) will not be responsible for incomplete, illegible, unviewable, lost and late entries, all of which will be disqualified. MPC reserves the right to disqualify entries by persons determined by MPC to be tampering with or abusing any aspect of the Contest. MPC further reserves the right to disqualify any entry that is alleged to infringe on any third-party intellectual property or other rights, or that MPC deems to be, in its sole discretion, obscene, offensive or otherwise inappropriate for viewing by a general audience.

By entering the Contest, each contestant agrees that MPC and its licensees may publish his or her story or photograph or video in the related content of RedInk Awards and exhibit, copy, publish, make derivative works from or otherwise use his or her entry and other entry materials for any purpose, in any media, in perpetuity, without limitation or additional compensation.

By entering the Contest, you agree to MPC’s and its licensees' use of your name, likeness and biographical information in any media for non-commercial purpose without limitation or further compensation, unless prohibited by law. By entering the Contest, you further agree to release and indemnify the MPC against any liability, claims, injuries, losses or damages of any kind arising from or in connection with your participation in the contest. MPC, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to suspend, modify or terminate this contest if it determines in its sole discretion that tampering, fraud or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of MPC has corrupted, compromised or impaired the security, integrity, fairness or proper operation of the contest.

The Mumbai Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes which may arise out of or in connection with the RedInk Awards 2019.

LINTAS without Alyque Padamsee: Excellent tribute to Ad Guru

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PSU Corner: NHPC promoting clean, green power for 44 yrs

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Raising Day celebrated

FARIDABAD: NHPC Limited celebrated its 44th Raising Day on 12th November 2018 at its Corporate Office at Faridabad with great enthusiasm and fervor. Mr R.K. Singh, Union  Minister of State (I/C), Power and New & Renewable Energy,  graced the occasion . 
Mr R.K. Singh, Union Minister of State (I/C), Power and New & Renewable 
Energy, along with Mr Balraj Joshi, CMD, inaugurating the   NHPC's 
44th Raising Day event on 12th November 2018 at Faridabad.  

Mr Singh lauded NHPC for its peformance, efficiency and profitability and highlighted that hydro power is a clean and green source of power.
He also unveiled the foundation stone by remote of a 1000 KW rooftop solar plant installed at NHPC Residential Colony, Faridabad.
Mr Balraj Joshi, CMD, gave a presentation on the recent achievements of NHPC including its installed capacity, achievements in capacity addition, CSR initiatives etc.
Mr N.K. Jain, Director (Personnel) acknowledged the contributions of all employees towards taking NHPC to great heights.
During the celebrations, winners of NHPC Awards Scheme (2018-19) under various categories as Best Power Station, Best Construction Project, Exemplary Commitment, Star of NHPC and Star student for Class X and Class XII were awarded.
Mr Vipul Goyal, Cabinet Minister, Environment, Industries and Commerce, Industrial Training,  Haryana, Mr Ajay Kumar Bhalla, Secretary (Power), and Mr Aniruddha Kumar Joint Secretary (Hydro), and senior NHPC officers including Mr Ratish Kumar, Director (Projects), Mr N.K. Jain, Director (Personnel),  Mr M.K. Mittal, Director (Finance), Mr Janardhan  Chaudhary, Director (Technical) and Dr Ved Prakash, CVO, were among those who attended the celebrations.

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