PRCI partners Communex 2018 in Mumbai

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

  • Corporate Communication & PR SUMMIT  to be held on August 9 & 10 

PRCI is happy to announce that it is partnering the Communex -2018 – -  to be held in Mumbai on August 9 & 10, 2018.

The event will feature some of the most influential voices in corporate communication and will report how communication professionals will find their way and advise executives in turbulent and uncertain times.We live in a time of improbability – with a volatile political scene, and intensified scrutiny and activity of stakeholders across the spectrum. More than ever corporations now need the direction of communication executives to make decisions on how to successfully communicate corporate values during times of political and cultural instability.

Communication strategies are vital for organizations for refining the corporate image and achieving strategic goals. The PR summit will bring spotlight on the, innovative insights, ideas, practices and the radical changes in marketing, public relations, communications, advertising and media technologies. There has been an upheaval from a traditional to a modern way that utilizes new tools for development of marketing and public relations industry and opportunities for improvement to keep pace with the change. The summit covers a wide range of topics that will influence business decisions.

About PR Industry

The public relations (PR) industry grew 18% to touch Rs1,315 crore in FY2017, according to a report titled ‘State of the Industry Survey 2017’ by the Public Relations Consultants Association of India (PRCAI). Actionable approaches that leverage the strengths of public relations, communication, marketing and branding professionals, while bridging internal silos to achieve more profound results! Today’s communication professionals need an understanding of big data and analytics, social media, social business and community management; the ability to create content across multiple platforms and channels; and to tell authentic brand stories to consumers and other critical audiences.

The role of the corporate communications leader is undergoing dramatic changes, with responsibilities growing broader and deeper than ever before. Corporate affairs officers are now shouldering an increasing mandate to act as high-level strategic advisors to CEOs, and frequently serve as members of the senior leadership teams offering insights and business direction.

In today’s frenetic and intensively competitive global market, it’s increasingly critical that the corporate affairs function make deeper contributions within the C-suite inner circle, and be ready to strategically advise in times of crisis and scrutiny. The Summit is about positioning communications as a central leadership function in your organization.


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